Halliburton brings new stimulation vessel to Gulf

Saudi Aramco receives new Halliburton vessel at Manifa field operation

The new vessel will service Saudi Aramco's Manifa Field operations.
The new vessel will service Saudi Aramco's Manifa Field operations.

Halliburton’s newest stimulation service vessel is now in the Arabian Gulf working with Saudi Aramco for the Manifa Field stimulation campaign.

Built for dedicated use by Saudi Aramco, the Stim Star Arabian Gulf vessel will serve as a high-performance platform for delivering technology and stimulation treatments in the most efficient manner.

The vessel was initially developed for primarily acidizing treatments on both producing and inhjection wells in the Manifa Field, the vessel is adaptable to handle all phases of production stimulation, including fracturing, sand control and conformance solutions for the Middle East offshore market.

The Stim Star Arabian Gulf vessel is 234 feet long, 56 feet wide, and 18 feet deep. It can provide up to 14,000 hydraulic horsepower for stimulation treatments. It has the newest control-room technology. The vessel is equipped with features such as a high-pressure pump over pressure kick-out system and a dedicated fire-suppression system to help ensure that safer operations.

The vessel also features unique technologies such as the acid-on-the-fly (AOF) capability and the ability to reconfigure using Halliburton’s Vessel Modular Solution (VMS) system. Halliburton’s AOF system provides real-time control of the acid blend. The VMS system provides a level of flexibility and options not available with standard vessels. The VMS system is designed to enable easy expansion and upgrades in the future, increasing the capabilities of the vessel when needed.

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