SOGAT NEWS: Dow's solutions for Sour gas process

Dow chemical is showcasing a range of solutions to treat H2S and CO2

Antoine Samaha, Global Strategic Marketing Director, Dow Oil, Gas & Mining.
Antoine Samaha, Global Strategic Marketing Director, Dow Oil, Gas & Mining.

The Dow Chemical Company is showcasing a range of solutions designed to reduce the capital and operating expenses of the gas processing industry’s assets to treat hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2), at the Sour Oil and Gas Advanced Technology (SOGAT) exhibition and conference in Abu Dhabi from 24 to 28 March 2013.

Dow Oil, Gas & Mining, a business unit dedicated to bringing chemistry solutions to the oil, gas and mining sectors, will be exhibiting a full-range of solutions at the event, including its Amine Managements Program, amine and physical solvents used in gas sweetening and the UCARSEP™ Heat Stable Salt Remediation Process.

“The region’s sour gas processing industry is growing rapidly amidst tightening clean air regulations. With our extensive industry knowledge and core gas treating technical and application expertise, we are able to solve our customers’ most pressing challenges, such as the reduction of sulfur emissions,” said Antoine Samaha, Global Strategic Marketing Director, Dow Oil, Gas & Mining.

“We work closely with our customers to ensure that the solutions we offer are right for them. Our full range of products and services provide the industry with technology options to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.”

The AMINE MANAGEMENT Program is a comprehensive gas sweetening service program tailored to each customer’s performance objectives and optimizes their total system costs. The service programme uses Dow’s proprietary state-of-the-art simulation software, which offers customers best-in-class performance prediction technology, said a statement.

“Simulation technology from Dow can help optimize gas treating systems at all stages of a plant’s life cycle,” Samaha said. “The models have been validated and calibrated with real world, large-scale data from an extensive customer base of more than 1,000 operating gas plants and refineries worldwide.” At least 50 of these references are in the Middle East and Africa, and Dow solvents treat the majority of all LNG from Middle East plants. Samaha continued, “The world’s largest LNG producers use Dow solvents, so we look forward to exposing customers in the region who are interested in gas treating services to this technology at SOGAT.”

Dow ensures consistent, reliable performance for all of its customers by investing in ongoing improvements to its simulation technology. The Company also invests in its customers’ long-term success by engaging with operators every step of the way to optimize plant performance and providing ongoing technical services and support free of charge to customers who purchase Dow formulated solvents and heat transfer fluids. These formulated products include UCARSOL™ and SELEXOL™ Specialty Solvents, DOWTHERM™ Heat Transfer Fluids and NORKOOL DESITHERM™ Dessicant, designed to help protect pipelines and equipment. Dow is the leading manufacturer of amine and physical solvents for gas treating.

In addition to offering the broadest selection of gas treating technologies and services of any chemical solutions supplier, Dow is the only gas treating solvent supplier that has its own solvent purification system, the UCARSEP™ Heat Stable Salt Remediation Process. This electrodialysis system removes contaminants from the amine system while the system is still running to improve the amine solution’s performance while avoiding costly shutdown time. The technology is well proven by over 15 years of commercial operation globally.



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