KSA's Jazan project gathering momentum

Aramco's Jazan refinery and export terminal edge closer to completion

The Jazan mega project will employ around 70,000 people at its peak.
The Jazan mega project will employ around 70,000 people at its peak.

The Jazan landscape shows the early stages of development as Saudi Aramco strives to move forward on the mega-project. The refinery, terminal construction and economic city will make a huge difference not only in Jazan but the Kingdom in general.

Nearly 40 managers of Saudi Aramco’s departments supporting the Saudi Aramco Project Department in completing the Jazan project were recently gathering. During the meeting, Suleman Al-Bargan, general manager of the Jazan Economic City project emphasized the importance of the teamwork spirit that distinguishes Saudi Aramco and allows it to complete mega-projects.

“No individual can achieve a lot alone,” he said. “When work is performed within a team where each individual assumes his responsibility, achievements will be accomplished, as witnessed by Saudi Aramco over the long decades,” Al-Bargan said.

The meeting included several presentations designed to relay the essence of the Jazan Economic Development program, where it stands now and how various individuals and departments support the project.

“We are not looking only at the economic side of this project, which we know is very important,” Al-Bargan said. “We are also looking at what the project will add to life in the area, particularly to the development of people in terms of education and training.

The direct and indirect employment of locals will have a profound positive impact on building the capabilities and skills of young people that will allow them to work on similar projects in the future. All sections of the refinery and other operational facilities will have young talents working in them after receiving the required training. After its completion, the project will attract Jazan youths who hold college and high school certificates.

About 70,000 people will be working on the project during its peak construction, an unprecedented level. Al-Bargan underlined it is necessary to complete the project with the level of quality comparable to other Saudi Aramco’s completed mega-projects.


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