Iran urges OPEC to accommodate its oil

Iran is ready for increased OPEC supply quota.

Iran is set to make an impact on global oil stage
Iran is set to make an impact on global oil stage

Iran's oil production is dwindling from a 20-month high reached earlier this year. However, with OPEC projection of increased demand for its crude, Iran claims it's ready to make its presence known on the global oil stage.

Abdalla el-Badri, secretary-general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), said at the International Energy Summit in Moscow that global demand for oil should increase by around 20 million bpd by 2035 and as much of 90% of which should come from developing Asian economies.

Iran is serious about achieving a position on the international stage that's reflective of its reserve potential, the country’s oil minister, Bijan Zanganeh, said at the Moscow energy summit.
Zanganeh, said challenges of long-term energy security have come into question, though according to him, with 157 billion barrels of crude oil in place, the Iran is up to the task.

The Islamic Republic has touted its oil potential since last November when it agreed to control some of its nuclear activity in exchange for some reduction of Western sanctions. A senior U.S. official said during a background briefing in January, that it does not mean Iran is open for business.

"The overwhelming majority of our sanctions and the basic structure of oil and banking and financial sanctions remain in place, and the administration is committed to aggressively enforcing those sanctions," he said.

Zanganeh said Iran aims to expand its oil potential as much as possible and OPEC will have to make room, sanctions be damned.
"I am sure they will do it," he said. "They have told me directly face-to-face that they will go along with us and make room for Iranians."


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