Aramco develops game-changing technology

New system is the first of its kind ever deployed in the world

Turbocharger was developed by Aramco's team of engineers.
Turbocharger was developed by Aramco's team of engineers.

The team at Saudi Aramco’s Hawiyah Gas Plant in collaboration with the Process and Control Systems Department has developed and deployed what has been described as “a technological game changer for environmental protection”.

“At Saudi Aramco, we’re proud of our ability to find innovative solutions and identify opportunities. At Hawiyah Gas Plant (HGP), utilising wasted energy during a gas treatment process was one such opportunity,” the company explained.

Seeking to make use of that energy, the team developed a system called hydraulic turbine electric generator, or 'turbocharger' for short, which extracts hydraulic energy that is traditionally wasted at the plant and turns it into electrical power.

According to Aramco, turbocharger is the first of its kind technology ever deployed in the world and has not only reduced the plant’s carbon footprint, but helped the company make significant cost savings too.

“It’s a true example of innovation and environmental stewardship. Even more impressive is the role played by a variety of Saudi Aramco's organisations — proving that through collaboration, no task is too difficult,” the oil firm commented.

**This story was adapted from Arabian Sun.


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