Huawei showcases next-gen technologies at ADIPEC

Company highlights importance of ICT in oil and gas sector

Huawei expert showcases an innovative piece of technology at the company's stand at ADIPEC.
Huawei expert showcases an innovative piece of technology at the company's stand at ADIPEC.

Huawei connected with energy leaders at ADIPEC this week showcasing its next generation of 'smarter' digital oilfield technologies.

The company hosted a workshop, which took place on November 10 in the Capital Suite 9 at ADNEC Hall, featuring a selection of key speakers, chief technology officers, senior analysts and industry experts who highlighted the importance of innovative ICT in the oil & gas sector and demonstrated how technology can help organisations achieve their business objectives.

Faced with lower oil prices, rising operational risks and security threats, the oil and gas industry is increasingly placed under growing pressure to move towards greater agility and improve efficiency.

According to Huawei, Middle East energy companies can greatly improve their processes and drive competitiveness through the adoption of new technology.

Investment at this level of ICT will allow oil companies to better manage and visualise data, while establishing a communications infrastructure that links their upstream, midstream and downstream activities so that a more coherent and unified system can detect and isolate faults or attacks at all stages of the production life cycle, the company added.

Saleem Bitar, VP of Middle East Energy & Petrochemicals for Huawei, said: “The regional oil and gas industry is going through a new phase of data capturing and processing, which enables real-time analytics for operators and makes it easier for decision makers to overcome current challenges.

"Oil companies need to ensure they have a secure and reliable infrastructure, which allows for the collaborative use of wireless technologies, cloud, Big Data, resilient networks, Emergency Command Center solutions and Unified Tele-presence services.

"By having a unified ICT system, operators will be able to intelligently and automatically capture key performance field, refinery and pipeline data reducing the need for engineers to risk spending time in the field.”

Huawei recently announced its dedicated ICT oil & gas ‘Innovation Center’ based in Saudi Arabia where it is currently working on developing ICT programs with key regional entities alongside its leading global partners and alliance firms.

“Our innovation center for the oil & gas sector allows our industry experts to tailor and customize our digital oilfield ICT solutions. It is a testament of our commitment to our customer-centric philosophy that we believe is a strong strategy for success,” continued Bitar.

During the exhibition, Huawei demonstrated its portfolio of technology innovations which includes its wireless technologies, digital oilfield production communication systems, Emergency Command Center (ECC), operations collaborations centers, and many more.


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