Jotun Paints gaining ground with Jotachar 1709

Jotun Paints launches Jotachar 1709 mesh-free epoxy passive fire protection coating for oil and gas and refining sectors

Jotachar 1709 can be applied in a continuous application process.
Jotachar 1709 can be applied in a continuous application process.

Jotun Paints’ Jotachar 1709 has been developed using the revolutionary technology platform behind Jotun’s successful Jotachar JF750.

Jotachar JF750 continues to be embraced by the offshore and onshore industries as an alternative to traditional mesh containing solutions for hydrocarbon pool and jet fire scenarios.

Jotachar JF750 is the preferred solution for operators and installers who wish to remove risks associated with incorrect mesh installation, whilst benefitting from significant reductions in installation time.

Jotachar 1709 has been specifically designed to protect steel against hydrocarbon pool fire scenarios for up to four hours, as defined within the ANSI/UL1709 Standard.

Operators also benefit from long-term corrosion protection, reduced life cycle costs and the elimination of any risk associated with mesh installation errors.

According to John Warner, Jotun category manager (Intumescent Coatings), Jotachar 1709 offers the land-based hydrocarbon processing industry significant advantages compared with traditional passive fire protection solutions.

Jotachar 1709 can be applied in a continuous application process. “Our mesh free solution does not require additional welded pins, metal or fabric reinforcement, eliminating the need for complex mesh depth or overlap rules, reducing both material cost and installation time,” Warner says.

“Unlike concrete or cementitious-based solutions, Jotachar 1709 is highly durable and does not require additional weather-proofing to prevent deterioration. No topcoat is required as part of our UL1709 certification. For maintenance and repair, ease of application with Jotachar 1709 significantly reduces installation time and shortens asset downtime,” he explains.


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