Oil & Gas Awards deadline approaches

As the deadline for nominations draws ever closer, we speak to category sponsor Betec Cad to find out about the significance of winning an award

Siram C. M. P. is director of category sponsor Betec CAD.
Siram C. M. P. is director of category sponsor Betec CAD.

With less than a month left to nominate for this year's Oil & Gas Middle East and Refining and Petrochemicals Middle East Awards, we speak to Siram C. M. P., director of category sponsor Betec CAD, about the importance of recognising achievement in the industry 

AOG: How do you think the Oil & Gas Middle East and Refining and Petrochemical Middle East Awards benefit the industry? Why is it important to celebrate success in the energy sector in the region?

Betec: To answer both the questions, we would say that earning an award or receiving an award or awards is basically like adding a feather to the cap. Awards help motivate individuals -- organisations work together and strive to achieve them.

It is very important to celebrate success be it as a person or the collective efforts of an organisation, as it showcases the hard work, trust, quality and many other valid factors which go in to achieve success and recognition. Therefore, success should be appreciated and celebrated.

Speaking specifically about the energy industry, this particular industry is the key driving forces of the nation. The efforts taken in developing alternative and newer technologies must definitely be recognised, appreciated, celebrated and most importantly be used in optimal ways so that we don’t end up depleting them.

AOG: What is it about our awards that made you decide to become a sponsor?

Betec: Success is something which must be recognised. One can achieve this recognition when they can showcase themselves or market themselves so people know about their very existence. Particularly, awards are something which bring various industries under one roof and recognises their efforts by appreciating them and provides a stage or platform to market themselves and importantly meet existing, new and prospective clients and others to develop B2B (Business to Business) relations in order to encourage and establish themselves further.

AOG: Considering it is your first time as a sponsor, do you agree that oil & gas awards truly recognise quality work and talent in the industry?

Betec: Oil and Gas awards definitely do recognise quality work in the industry. It would be better if they award manufactures as well in the similar way as consultants and contractors so that every industry is equally recognised. We as a manufacturer put in a lot of effort into researching, manufacturing, testing, certifying a product and then releasing it into the market. Also keeping in mind the amount of competition we have today, it always helps in recognising the best of the lot in all aspects. As a matter of fact, it would be more encouraging to decide or nominate a winner on jury basis as well as on market research basis submitted by different organisations.

AOG: And finally, the oil & gas industry has experienced some significant market difficulties in the past year and a half. What do you think the challenges will be going forward?

Keeping in mind the critical position of the oil and gas industry due to the depleting resources, we definitely have to brace ourselves. Looking at the rapid urbanisation and globalisation and the amount of resources we are utilising, future is going to be pretty challenging as we need to research for alternative technologies to fulfill our needs.

Our industry has come a long way since oil was first discovered in Texas. Although there are numerous opinions about what the future holds for the oil & gas Industry, there is one very irrefutable fact that affects not only our industry, but the world as a whole. Things have changed significantly and the global demand for energy will continue to grow. This is mainly due to population growth and the desire of developing countries to attain economic success. At what rate the demand will grow is hazy right now, but regardless, the demand for energy is inarguable.

For ongoing energy needs, new breakthroughs in technology to help, develop and even produce more oil and gas are required. Technology has been one of the major drivers behind our industry’s ability to deliver increased oil and gas production in a safe and efficient manner, while continuing to consider the environmental impacts. Definitely, Research & Development (R&D) for alternative energy sources will thrive over the oil and gas industry, considering the demand for energy in future.


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