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Sriram CMP, director of the Sharjah-based manufacturing enterprise, Betec Cad, talks about why he is proud to be a sponsor of an industry event as distinguised as the Oil & Gas and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East Awards 2016

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How do you think the Oil & Gas Middle East and Refining and Petrochemical Middle East Awards benefit the industry? Why do you believe it is so important to celebrate success in the region’s energy industry?

To answer both the questions, we would say that earning an award or receiving an award or awards is basically like adding a feather to the cap. Also, awards are something that speak for themselves. They help motivate individuals and organisations to work together and strive to achieve them.

It is very important to celebrate success, be it as a person or the collective efforts of an organisation, as it showcases the hard work, trust, quality and many other valid factors that go in to achieving success and recognition. Therefore, success should be appreciated and celebrated. Speaking specifically about the energy industry, this particular industry is the key driving forces of the nation. The efforts taken in developing alternative and newer technologies must definitely be recognised, appreciated, celebrated and, most importantly, be used in optimal ways so that we don’t end up depleting them.

What was it that made you decide to sponsor this event specifically?

Success is something that must be recognised. One can achieve this recognition when they can showcase themselves or market themselves so people know about their very existence. Particularly, awards are something that bring various industries under one roof and recognise their efforts by appreciating them and providing a stage or platform to market themselves and, importantly, meet existing, new and prospective clients and others to develop B2B (business-to-business) relations in order to encourage and establish themselves furthermore.

As it is your first time as a sponsor, do you agree that our awards truly recognise quality work and talent in the industry?

The Oil & Gas and Refining & Petrochemicals Awards definitely do recognise quality work in the industry. It would be better if the organisers award manufactures as well, in the same way as they do consultants and contractors, so that every industry gets equal recognition. We as a manufacturer put in a lot of effort into researching, manufacturing, testing, certifying a product and then releasing it into the market. Also, keeping in mind the amount of competition we have today, it always helps to acknowledge the best of the lot in all aspects. Also, as a matter of fact, it would be more encouraging to decide or nominate a winner on a jury basis as well as on a market research basis submitted by different organisations.

This year we have introduced the first-ever category for the refining and petrochemical industries – ‘Downstream Project of the Year’. We believe that with so many great projects coming on stream at the end of this year and at the start of 2017, it is essential to recognise the effort and hard work of those involved. What is your opinion?

As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to celebrate success, be it that of a person or the collective efforts of an organisation, as it showcases the hard work, trust, quality and many other valid factors that all contribute to achieving success and recognition.

The oil and gas industry has experienced some significant challenges in the past year and a half. What further challenges do you believe the sector will see going forward?

Keeping in mind the critical position of the oil and gas industry due to the depleting resources, we definitely have to brace ourselves. Looking at the rapid urbanisation and globalisation and the amount of resources we are utilising, the future is going to be pretty challenging as we need to research for alternative technologies to fulfill our needs.

Our industry has come a long way since oil was first discovered in Texas. Although there are numerous opinions about what the future holds for the oil and gas industry, there is one irrefutable fact that affects not only our industry, but the world as a whole. Things have changed significantly and the global demand for energy will continue to grow. This is mainly due to population growth and the desire of developing countries to attain economic success. At what rate the demand will grow is hazy right now, but regardless, the demand for energy is inarguable.

For ongoing energy needs, new breakthroughs in technology to help, develop and even produce more oil and gas are required. Technology has been one of the major drivers behind our industry’s ability to deliver increased oil and gas production in a safe and efficient manner, while continuing to consider the environmental impacts. Definitely, R&D (research and development) for alternative energy sources will thrive over the conventional oil and gas industry, considering the demand of energy in future.

And the categories are…

The Oil & Gas and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East Awards have unveiled three new categories this year for wider industry recognition

HSE Product/Application of the Year

A new category, this award will recognise the best oil and gas product that has aided companies in their efforts to improve health and safety. The winner could be a highly advanced computer programme or a simple winch – what’s important is its positive impact on health and safety.

HSE Initiative of the Year

Health, safety and environment is the cornerstone of the oil and gas industry. This award will recognise a specific initiative that has helped to reduce accidents and problems in the workplace. Entries should be supported by data that demonstrates the success of the initiative.

CSR Initiative of the Year

Corporate social responsibility initiatives have become a priority for most companies in the oil and gas industry. This award will recognise a CSR programme that has provided demonstrable and lasting benefits to its targeted beneficiaries.

In-Country Value (ICV) Strategy of the Year

Localisation is now at the top of the agenda for the region’s NOCs. This award will recognise a successful localisation strategy, how it has been implemented, what benefits it offers the company and the employees, and how successful the strategy has been.

Training Initiative/Programme of the Year

Billions of dollars are being invested to train the next generation of oil and gas professionals, as well as enhancing the skills of the existing workforce. This award will go to the training programme or initiative that has made a real difference in the upstream or downstream sector. Entries from both individual companies and training organisations will be accepted.

Operational Excellence Strategy of the Year

With the region’s operators looking to squeeze every last drop of profit out of their valuable hydrocarbon reserves, operational excellence is becoming more important than ever. Operational excellence means doing the right thing, each and every time. This award recognises the most innovative and ambitious operational excellence project in the region.

Technical Innovation of the Year

IT and technology are becoming the backbone of the modern upstream operation, from digital oilfields to 3D modelling and pipeline sensors. This project-based award will recognise a project that demonstrates a successful and innovative technical solution to an upstream oil and gas problem.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Project of the Year

Many of the GCC’s energy reserves are located in challenging locations, sometimes in rock formations that have developed over millions of years. As a result, companies are increasingly investing in enhanced oil recovery techniques to boost production. This award will go to the most successful and innovative project that has used EOR technology.

EPC Project of the Year

The Middle East is a hotbed for highly experienced, skilled and proficient EPC contracting firms. The work of EPC firms is vital to determining the success of any exploration project. Outstanding EPC work can be the difference between a project coming in on time and on budget – both of which are hugely important in oil and gas projects. This award will go to the most accomplished example of an EPC project in the region over the last 18 months.

Young Oil & Gas Professional of the Year

Concerns about young, emerging talent in the oil and gas industry are not new. However, companies in the region are investing heavily to bring through skilled engineers and executives. The award is open to employees aged 30 and younger, and will go to the candidate whose work has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on his or her company over the past 18 months.

Oil & Gas Woman of the Year

This award will recognise an outstanding female achiever who has a successful track record and has made a telling contribution to the hydrocarbons industry. The GCC boasts a wealth of female talent in oil and gas, with thousands more highly talented engineering graduates helping to make the region a hotspot for industry excellence.

Oil Field Services Company of the Year

Oil field service companies drive the entire upstream sector, providing every conceivable type of service, from hiring out moveable accommodation, to rope access, to seismic exploration and deep water oil exploration. This award will look for the most successful and innovative completed oil field services company in the Middle East region over the last 18 months. It is open to small, medium and large companies that have showcased interesting solutions or innovations for an upstream partner, or that demonstrate a project that has been completed exactly to specification, on time and on budget.

Downstream Project of the Year

Some of the region’s long awaited refining and petrochemical projects are coming on stream by the end of this year, bringing to the fore scores of new products to the GCC. It is projects like these that will help diversify GCC economies, make them more competitive on a global scale, and create more jobs for their young and growing populations. Downstream Project of the Year will aim to select the most outstanding, ambitious and game-changing project in the GCC’s refining and petrochemical sector.

Plastics Innovation

If innovation is destructive for industries in general, for plastics, it is seen as a driver for constant improvement and growth. In recent years, the GCC has made significant strides in increasing its capabilities to become a leading regional player able to compete on a global scale. Innovation is most needed in hard times like these and the companies of tomorrow will be the companies that make innovation their long-term strategy. This award is designed to recognise innovation in new product development and application in the rapidly-growing plastics and plastics conversion sectors in the region and globally.

Sustainability Initiative

Once the industry’s buzzword, sustainability has become an integral part of every operator’s business strategy. From improving energy efficiency and water management, to reducing their environmental footprint and CO2 emissions, companies are becoming ever more committed to making their business sustainable, realising the benefits both for their bottom line and the society in which they operate. The Sustainability Initiative Award will recognise excellence in the field of sustainability in both upstream and downstream oil and gas.

EPC Team of the Year

More often than not, the successful execution of projects is the direct result of hard work and effort on the part of close-working teams. Recognising their achievement has become crucially important given the rising complexities and challenges they face on a daily basis. EPC Team of the Year will aim to select the oil and gas professionals who have exhibited ostensible skills working in a team, and contributed significantly to the timely and successful execution of the project on which they were assigned to work.

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