ADIPEC Preview: Petrotechnics

Interviewee: Iain McKay, Chief Operating Officer, Petrotechnics

Iain McKay.
Iain McKay.

What is the scope of your company’s business within the industry?

We have been keeping people safe in the oil and gas industry for more than 25 years. In today’s operating environment, the pressure to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce risk is mounting, all at the same time. The solution is Petrotechnics’ Proscient, the world’s first operational excellence software platform.

For the first time, Proscient provides a global view of a plant’s operational reality – in real-time. By looking at three simple screens, everyone from the boardroom to the frontline can now visualise every activity and its associated risk, right across the enterprise: what’s happening, where it’s happening, and what’s driving the risk. More importantly, you now have the tools to practically and routinely manage activity and mitigate risk in a joined-up way. This allows everyone to make better, more informed decisions.

Proscient is the smart and low-risk approach to empower your organisation’s OE programme to deliver the tangible business advantage that’s long been promised. Cut costs, reduce risk and increase productivity.

Who are your clients and what is the scope of your work with them. What oil and gas projects have you been – or are you currently – involved in?

Across the industry, the pressure to improve productivity and efficiency and increasing scrutiny from stakeholders is higher than ever. This has only deepened operators’ focus on operational excellence programmes.

In the GCC, we are seeing companies leading the way to realise the promise of operational excellence. Operators in the GCC understand operational excellence is about less risk and more reward, lower maintenance costs and downtime, increased production and greater financial control. And technology must play a key role in underpinning operational excellence.

Specifically, there are three current projects that stand out. We were recently selected by Accenture and Saudi Aramco to be a key part of the Integrated Manufacturing Operations Management System (iMOMS), which will be deployed at the Jazan Complex. iMOMS is a 21st century approach to excellence in industrial operation that tightly integrates world class operations and leading enterprise technology solutions.

It is designed to close the loop between operations, maintenance and engineering to reduce risk, improve productivity and lower costs. It will transform complex data into meaningful information ensuring everyone has the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. It is a comprehensive set of 12 applications and 20 integrated solutions of which we are providing process safety and operations risk management capabilities through our Proscient Operational Excellence software platform.

The intended ADMA OPCO – ZADCO merger is a forward-looking response to the challenging market conditions. The consolidation is about achieving operational efficiencies to take advantage of strategic opportunities for future operator growth. As a part of the overall effort, we are currently working with ZADCO to improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and safety processes and underpinning it with petrotechnics technology.

Additionally, across the size, scope, and nature of the Mukhaizna field in Oman, the seamless introduction of our activity management and risk management software solutions has seen outstanding results in both safety and efficiency.

What do you hope to gain from this year’s ADIPEC?

ADIPEC reaches far beyond the current market conditions. Whilst there may be less footfall than previous years, this shouldn’t distract from the high-quality speakers, dialogue, knowledge transfer, and networking that define the high-value experience of ADIPEC each year.


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