Feature: Building cohesive synergies

With a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products for high-tech solutions, DIA33 has established long-term partnerships with leading global manufacturers, fortifying customers in diverse markets.

Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA33.
Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA33.

The last six years had been extremely motivating and equally enticing for DIA33 and its team, which obstinately kept pushing the limits to get recognised amongst its global peers. Taking forward the legacy of its founders, experienced team of trade experts, industrial chemists, business graduates and logisticians has proved time is not the best measure when it comes to the success of DIA33.

With simple and focussed objectives along with constant hand and glove work with many major global producers, DIA33 has been successful in gaining trust and dependability, which remain the core objectives of the company to build cohesive synergies around the world.

Diversified product range

Today, in over 26 countries, mainly from the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, products supplied by DIA33 make a fair contribution to the industrial output, economic growth and enhanced standards of living. With a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products for high-tech solutions, DIA33 has established long-term partnerships with leading global manufacturers, fortifying customers in diverse markets, including paints, coatings, construction chemicals, plastics, care chemicals, water treatment, life sciences, agriculture, paper and cardboard, oil and lubricant etc. The company has lately diversified its portfolio with the addition of the new range of products – polyolefin and metal finishing solutions.

The experienced teams of DIA33 offer exceptional technical support, product development opportunities, and tailored stock and warehousing solutions at 12 destinations, and effective sales and customer service, to assist its customers at their own very desks. The company coalesce efficiencies with the facility to maintain local distributions and a tailo- red accommodation.

As a highly-trusted partner, DIA33 strives to provide its customers with a range of performance chemicals for a wide variety of applications. With its extensive knowledge of different markets and industry sectors, the company has endeavoured to provide cutting-edge and customised solutions. The close ties with different manufacturers allow the technical team to participate in the development of new technologies and products.

Adopting the best practices

Knowledge and expertise are coupled with the working culture of DIA33. This is evident at every level in the company: from the rapid implementation of strategic decisions, investment in applications and most suitable technology systems such as a uniform ERP and CRM platform, best practices and people, regular training and the willingness to embrace innovative technologies.

The company believes that establishing resources and infrastructure in any market will provide its customers an ease to engage and communicate, and it further assures a better relationship with the customers, and easy access to its supply chain partners. DIA33 has dedicated business managers, trained to serve specific industry, supported by product development teams, building communications and relationships locally.

DIA33 is poised to improve its sales growth by continued focus in the emerging markets by installing local infrastructure to cater to customers, with a simple method of decentralising distribution at the very local point to serve customers more efficiently and reducing their costs and inventories, and enhancing their productivity and profitability. It also forms and maintains strategic alliances and distribution arrangements with partners to acquire, maintain and increase its sales. DIA33 seeks growth both organically and through acquisitions and partnerships.

In 2015, the company’s focus was to increase geographic coverage, particularly in the Asia, Pacific and Far East regions, pursuing incipient and innovative technologies and expanding product and service offerings organically and by strategic acquisitions.

In 2016, it launched a comprehensive portfolio of more than 1,000 products for various new industries and applications such as plastics, metal finishing etc. as well as certified green products aimed at the construction, paints and coatings sector to ensure better product quality and safety.

Geographical reach

In 2017, DIA33 has plans to expand its footprints in the Indian subcontinent and South Africa. With a focus on improving products and usage intensity of specialty chemicals, the industry is poised for strong growth. “Chemical industry is a key enabler for other industries. Hence, consumption and demand of basic and specialty chemicals is rising with the growth of the middle-class household in India and South Africa,” said Nadeem Raza, group CEO, DIA33.

Capitalising on the experience of the DIA33 management in marketing and distributing specialty chemical and petrochemical products, the company is operating through a large network of international marketing offices to service their customers in six major continents.

“This is a terrific opportunity to bolster our relationship with all our business partners, as we look together to meet the market needs globally in better ways. The continuous evolution of the distribution business model in modern days has created a demand for not just chemicals but the awareness and readiness of distributors to work extensively along with their customers in developing and adopting new products, techniques and solutions, where we see ourselves as integral part of our customer’s success stories,” observed Madiha Naz, director, technical support and product development, DIA33.

Complementing partnerships

The company endeavours to leverage superior products and services, and access to a vast range of effective technologies, formulations and solutions, which drive the development of innovative products to gratify consumers and market demands. Conducive to such developments, DIA33 has been continuously endeavouring to build long-term complementing partnerships with world-renowned brands, such as Evonik, which adds a new dimension to the company’s product stewardship and enhances the existing portfolio for construction applications. As one of the world’s most innovative specialty chemicals companies, Evonik has products and solutions for every construction application known to the mankind.

Likewise, DIA33 has enlarged their plastic chemicals portfolio by associating with leading providers of chemical and inventive plastics solutions, like Borouge and RusVinyl, which are pioneering at the forefront of the next generation of plastics innovations. DIA33 is honoured to be associated with Honeywell to serve the metal finishing industry with best of the raw material products. Their preferred partners and brands have the potency of instant sales, which convey the message of confidence, quality and reliability to their target markets.

As a provider and distributor of specialty chemicals, raw materials for adhesives, paints, coating chemicals and others, DIA33 is proud to work with the world’s leading manufacturers of specialised raw materials and chemicals to bring the right materials and best solutions to its customers.

Knowledge-based economy

Across a wide range of industries, customers look to DIA33 for solutions that help improve quality, reduce energy consumption and increase profitability. Thus, the company will play a vital role in supporting the growth of multiple production industries and contribute to a diversified, knowledge-based economy that further expands.

When developing a product with the end goal of bringing the innovation to manufacturing, the project must commence with product design consulting. DIA33 team has extensive knowledge in the different qualities of different excipients and the best way to combine them for optimum effect.

This consultation will focus on the product concept and formulation design. This requires a good understanding of customer needs and desires, the competitive environment and the nature of the market, representing the required factors for the success of a new product.

Why new products are required when market has existing products? The answer is: “With rapid advancements in materials and technologies, the product lifecycle is constantly getting reduced.” To sustain and maintain among the top positions in the market, a company needs to continually improvise their existing products and develop new ones.

Whether the development or the marketing strategy of any product, it is usually divided into five universal aspects: customer analysis, product development, pricing, branding and sales and distribution. Product development may involve modification of an existing product or its presentation, or formulation for an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined customer need or market demand.

“Currently, we are working on some high-quality posterity products and applications such as 3D flooring, decorative flame retardant paints, intumescent paints, coatings, fireproof varnishes, insulation coatings and more, couple of them are a great challenge for our formulation team. We have helped our customers in their existing product development and modification that required to make their product better and cost effective,” observed Madiha.

“We work closely with their R&D team to ensure their exact need. We help them to develop prototype for new products, product testing and field validation. We provide information exchange on global / regional / local market trends with customers and suppliers. We collaborate with customers and suppliers to develop customised finished products. We assist customers in troubleshooting difficulties and provide technical support. We also assist in formulation modification, efficient testing, third party testing and application wherever required,” remarked Madiha.

“The R&D, and product development process does not stop when product reaches the customer. The knowledgeable and well-practised hands give products the ultimate test. That is why we are constantly talking to customers to hear about their opinions and experiences with our products to improve the existing products and develop new ones so that innovative and effective solutions remain the core of our business for a long time to come,” concluded Madiha.


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