Special Report: Connected gas compression modules

ABB introduces a line of gas compression modules designed for relentless and efficient operations.

ABB has recently introduced new gas compression modules.
ABB has recently introduced new gas compression modules.

The low price of oil is driving the hydrocarbon production sector to search for higher efficiency and better risk mitigation. In order to achieve this goal, more end-users and EPC contractors are looking for modularised solutions that allow assembling and testing of the equipment before delivery on site, reducing unexpected delays and costs.

ABB has been an innovator in the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical sector for decades, providing specialised industrial solutions for the production, processing, transportation, storage and distribution of hydrocarbons. Moreover, ABB has always been an innovation leader in the rotating and turbo-machinery field – Brown Boveri Corp (one of the two founding companies that merged to form ABB) designed and built the very first industrial gas turbine. Today, ABB offers the latest technologies for connected devices and cloud-based analytics to grant predictable and efficient operation to rotating machines.

A new solution

Continuing to provide more advanced solutions to solve customer challenges, ABB has introduced a new line of gas compression modules designed for relentless and efficient operation.

The ABB modules integrate reciprocating compressors with advanced power and control solutions, including the high-efficiency ABB electrical driving system (fixed or variable speed) and the ABB high-integrity control system. These solutions are engineered to ensure the lowest operational costs and reduce the need for periodic maintenance. Each module also includes all the ancillary systems required for gas treatment, such as filtration and cooling systems.

The ABB gas compression modules are available in a power range from 200KW up to 7.5MW and fulfil the requirements of the production, processing, transportation, storage and distribution of hydrocarbons and special gasses. Each module meets the most stringent requirements of dealing with different gas types – including wet, sour and acid gasses – and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor conditions.

A stand-alone unit

To support the customers’ needs, the modules can be supplied as a stand-alone unit or as part of a wide turn-key project, where ABB provides a full set of solutions covering all the automation and electrical systems, as well as construction and assembly works.

ABB’s extensive engineering expertise coupled with the wide-range of products available allow the company to manufacture most of the equipment, and design and assemble the module. ABB has partnered with Ariel Corp, a world leader in the reciprocating compressors market, to supply the compressor equipment.

ABB’s efforts to support efficient and reliable operations for customers does not end with the delivery of the compression module: each module is enabled for connection to ABB collaborative support network infrastructure, which enables advanced monitoring and diagnostic services all around the world.

Supporting services

The services provided by ABB collaborative support network are focused on sustaining the performance of the gas compression module by assessing the health of the equipment and enabling troubleshooting and optimising services locally or remotely. The available services include remote analysis of the machine operation and machine tuning to adjust to the current status of the plant: this service enables to achieve the highest possible efficiency without mechanical or process changes of the machine.


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