Borouge, Borealis unveil new solar brand Quentys

The step-change innovations in the Quentys family improve the operational reliability of photovoltaic (PV) modules, reduce processing complexity, and extend the lifetime of PV panels.

Wim Roels, CEO, Borouge Pte Ltd.
Wim Roels, CEO, Borouge Pte Ltd.

Borouge and Borealis announced the launch of Quentys™, the new umbrella brand created to empower and potentially revolutionise the solar energy industry by making applications more affordable, reliable and durable.

Borouge and Borealis are leveraging their decades of experience in the energy sector, and forming new strategic partnerships along the entire solar value chain, in order to deliver step-change innovations to the market.

As leading providers of polyolefin compounds for the global wire and cable industry for over 50 years, Borouge and Borealis are now widening the scope of their energy industry endeavours to include solar.

By 2025, solar is expected to have the highest global annual capacity added of all energy sources, reaching over 100 gigawatt (GW) capacity added per year. As reliable and trusted suppliers with a truly global reach, Borouge and Borealis are prepared to meet this rising demand by working with partners and customers around the world to exploit the full potential of solar.

Borouge and Borealis have an unparalleled track record in value creation through innovation, especially in the energy industry. This innovative force is now being unleashed in the field of solar, where new material solutions based on unique and proprietary technologies have been developed for applications such as backsheets and encapsulant films.

These step-change innovations in the Quentys family improve the operational reliability of photovoltaic (PV) modules, reduce processing complexity, and extend the lifetime of PV panels. The first wave of new products developed in partnership with a leading solar industry partner will be launched shortly.

Borouge and Borealis are applying their material expertise to make solar power even more affordable and efficient. For example, single-step production technologies reduce manufacturing complexity and thus costs. Innovative materials increase both output and lifespan of PV modules.

These are key to maintaining the market momentum currently enjoyed by renewables, as documented by the International Energy Agency (IEA). In 2015, the IEA predicted that by 2050, solar will provide 16 percent of the world’s electric power, significantly more than the 11 percent it had forecast in 2010.

Moreover, the levelled cost – meaning the all-in cost of installing and operating a renewable energy system over its entire lifetime – of electricity for renewables is falling.

“As a global innovation leader, our mission is to keep discovering new ways of applying our experience and know-how to future growth sectors,” says Alfred Stern, executive vice president, polyolefins, and innovation and technology, Borealis. “Our new Quentys brand will be the foundation for a range of exciting new products and applications that will make solar more affordable and more widely available.”

“The launch of Quentys reflects our companies’ strong commitment towards sustainability and to create value for our customers with proprietary innovations developed by our creative people,” said Wim Roels, chief executive officer, Borouge Pte Ltd. “This new solar brand is an enabler for us to contribute to the development of the solar energy sector by providing innovative, credible and profitable solutions for the solar industry,” concluded Roels.


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