Oil & Gas and RPME Awards 2017 open for nominations

The eighth edition of Oil & Gas Middle East and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East Awards is slated for 18 September 2017 in Dubai, UAE.

Oil & Gas Middle East and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East 2016 Award winners.
Oil & Gas Middle East and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East 2016 Award winners.

As a joint endeavour of Oil & Gas Middle East and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East to recognise the stellar performers of the upstream and downstream segments, the eighth annual Oil & Gas Middle East (OGME) and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East (RPME) Awards ceremony is slated for 12 September 2017 in Dubai, UAE.

The online nomination process for the awards is open now and will close on 20 July 2017. This year, three new award categories are introduced - Sour Gas & Sulphur Management Project of the Year, Logistics Service Provider of the Year, and Water Management Solution of the Year. The last seven editions of the prestigious awards received overwhelming response from the industry.

The nomination process

To nominate for this year’s awards, please visit www.arabianoilandgas.com/oil-gas-awards and follow these simple steps:

1. All nominations must be submitted online at https://events.itp.com/login/collectEvent/213 through the new nomination system. Nominations sent via e-mail or in any other format will not be considered.

2. When visiting the website, the visitor first needs to create a personal user account. The new nomination system allows the visitor to access his / her account at any time, and edit or update the submissions until the nomination deadline.

3. For each submission, the applicant must fill out a questionnaire that will help the judges decide why the nominated person /company / project deserves to win.

4. The new system allows the visitor to upload a single PDF file with supporting images and documents, not larger than 10MB in size. Nominations with photos create a greater impact than entries with just the document; so, please make it a point to submit images.

5. When all the nominations have been received, the O&GME and RPME editorial team will compile a shortlist of six to ten entries in each category, which will be presented to an independent panel of judges. The panel of judges will evaluate the shortlisted persons / companies / projects according to the guidelines, selecting its final winners. The decision of the panel of judges will be final.

The twelve award categories

The list of the 12 award categories is as follows:

HSE Initiative of the Year

Health, safety and environment are the pillars of the oil and gas industry. This award category will recognise a specific initiative that has not only helped reduce accidents and improve safety standards, but also boosted the health aspect of the workforce. Entries should be supported by data that demonstrates the success of the initiative.

Technical Innovation of the Year

ICT and digital technologies are becoming the backbone of the modern upstream and downstream operations, from digital oilfields to 3D modelling and pipeline sensors. This project-based award will recognise a project that demonstrates a successful and innovative technical solution to improve the quality and efficiency of an oil and gas operation.

Operational Excellence Strategy of the Year

With the region’s operators looking to squeeze every last drop of profit out of their valuable hydrocarbon reserves, operational excellence is becoming more important than ever. Operational excellence means doing the right thing, each and every time. This award category recognises the most innovative and ambitious operational excellence project in the region.

CSR Initiative of the Year

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives have become a priority for most companies in the oil and gas industry. This award will recognise a CSR programme that has provided demonstrable and lasting benefits to its targeted beneficiaries.

Young Oil & Gas Professional of the Year

Concerns about young, emerging talent in the oil and gas industry are not new. However, companies in the region are investing heavily to bring through skilled engineers and executives. The award is open to employees aged 30 and younger, and will go to the candidate whose work has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on his / her company over the past 18 months.

Training Initiative / Programme of the Year

Billions of dollars are being invested to train the next generation of oil and gas professionals, as well as enhancing the skills of the existing workforce. This award will go to the training programme or initiative that has made a real difference in the upstream or downstream sector. Entries from both individual companies and training organisations will be accepted.

Oil & Gas Woman of the Year

This award will recognise an outstanding female achiever who has a successful track record and has made a telling contribution to the hydrocarbons industry. The GCC boasts a wealth of female talent in oil and gas, with thousands of highly talented engineering graduates helping to make the region a hotspot for industry excellence.

Oilfield Services Company of the Year

Oilfield service companies drive the entire upstream sector, providing every conceivable type of service, from hiring out moveable accommodation, to rope access, to seismic exploration and deep water oil exploration. This award will look for the most successful and innovative oilfield services company in the Middle East region over the last 18 months.

Sour Gas and Sulphur Management Project of the Year

As we strive to meet the world’s escalating energy demand, the involuntary production of elemental sulphur is continuously happening during the processing of oil and gas. Currently, the Middle East region is producing nearly 25 percent of the world’s elemental sulphur. It is interesting to note that sulphur, considered by most of the oil and gas producers as a costly consequence of environmental compliance, actually has a strong and significant supply chain of its own. The Sour Gas  & Sulphur Management Project of the Year will be selected based on the value addition to the company’s balance sheet, the degree of environmental compliance and how it has helped create a local sulphur product industry.

Downstream Project of the Year

Improved efficiency and rising demand for higher value petrochemical products have been driving plant integration and modernisation as well as investment in greenfield refining and petrochemical developments in the Middle East. These projects will help diversify the region’s economies, make them more competitive on the global market and create more jobs for the young and growing population. The Downstream Project of the Year will aim to select the most outstanding, ambitious and game-changing project in the Middle East.

Logistics Service Provider of the Year

In the oil and gas downstream industry, the processed natural gas and oil products need to be transported to different places where it is sold, used, or redistributed, using the conventional methods like trucking, rail and boat shipment, and pipelines. The products created by the downstream sector are products nearly everyone in the society will come into contact on daily basis, without which the quality of life would be drastically different for everyone. This is why the logistics services for the downstream oil and gas industry are so important in deciding the economic progress of every nation. The Logistics Service Provider of the Year will be decided based on the innovations and value creation offered by the service provider.

Water Management Solution of the Year

Many environmental regulations over the recent years related to petroleum product quality have resulted in re-configuration of refining operations and the addition of energy intensive units, which have added a significant need for water to be diverted from various sources. Another important point is that based on the feedstock quality, there is a need for use of certain technologies that are more water intensive. Despite these additional requirements, the refining and petrochemical manufacturing industries in the Middle East has made major achievements in water use efficiency, thanks to the innovative water management solutions available for the sector. The Water Management Solution of the Year will be recognised for its uniqueness, innovation and value creation.


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