5 Minutes With: Mohamad Awad of AVEVA

Mohamad Awad is the vice president for regional sales in the MEA region at AVEVA

Mohamad Awad is the vice president for regional sales in the MEA region at AVEVA.
Mohamad Awad is the vice president for regional sales in the MEA region at AVEVA.

Please describe your offering for the upstream oil and gas sector.

AVEVA is an engineering, design and information management solution provider to the oil and gas sector. We offer a digital asset that is practical and affordable. A core philosophy of AVEVA is that for every physical asset customers design and construct, there should be a digital equivalent based on the asset’s engineering information, intrinsically linked with the physical reality, recalling its history, and predicting its future. We have introduced digital asset technology and software to several major players in the region.

AVEVA services cater to both oil and gas operators and EPC contractors, but do you see higher demand in one segment than the other?

Historically, we have provided our services to EPC contractors, but owner/operators are looking to future-proof their assets, and this remains a growing and important sector for us at present – our list of owner/operator clients is growing globally.

Considering the recent spate of cyberattacks, do you think the oil and gas industry will now be more apprehensive about digitalising operations and using software-based technologies?

The need for cutting-edge and extensive, preventative approaches to cyber-attacks is paramount for everyone, regardless of industry. At AVEVA, to reassure our clients, the cyber strategies we have in place across the company are a top priority. This reassurance allows us to continue pushing the boundaries of technology to enable clients to work with greater safety, transparency, and affordability while continuing to digitise their operations.

Of all the AVEVA products that are relevant to the oil and gas industry, which in particular stands out to you, and why?

Everything3D is the next evolution of AVEVA’s plant design management system (PDMS); it takes all the ingredients that made PDMS the leading 3D multi-discipline modelling system, and improves them with new capabilities. We are very excited about it’s potential to integrate with existing client systems. I feel we deliver one of the most comprehensive, productive and tightly integrated 3D design solutions available.

How do you intend to tackle competition from similar service providers operating in the Middle East and North Africa’s upstream sector?

AVEVA has more than 50 years of industry experience, with significant long-term customers and a strong presence in the Middle East for the past 15 years. Understanding our customers, the complexities of their businesses, and the markets they participate in will enable AVEVA to become the ‘partner of choice’ in the domain of engineering information.


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