Awards 2017 seeks to cast the spotlight on young professionals

A big shout out to all the young professionals working in the regional oil and gas industry: if you think you have what it takes to be the 'Young Oil & Gas Professional of the Year', nominate yourself now

We are awaiting nominations from the regional oil and gas industry’s young minds, whose work is making a difference to the functioning of the industry every day.
We are awaiting nominations from the regional oil and gas industry’s young minds, whose work is making a difference to the functioning of the industry every day.

There has been much talk in recent times about the oil and gas industry, especially that in the region, not attracting the youth.

Several studies conducted on this subject suggest graduates and candidates in the job market feel the opportunities for growth in the energy industry are not at par with what other sectors offer.

Despite the rise of the Middle East being fuelled by its oil and gas wealth, it has been found that young jobseekers here are getting more drawn towards other industries, services and professions, apparently due to the industry not making enough efforts to modernise itself to be able to lure local talent.

However, if one were to consider the journey towards digitalisation that the regional oil and gas industry has embarked upon, and the various localisation campaigns it has undertaken to create more jobs and nurture and absorb the local workforce, the reality reflects a different situation.

Today the Middle East’s energy sector can boast of employing talented young professionals in virtually every operation and layer of the industry. Today, there are numerous engineers, technicians, field workers, HSE officers, admin managers, supervisors, etc., under the age of 40, proudly working for the industry.

The laudable work and sterling contributions being made by these young professionals every day, is not just enabling the regional energy sector to advance with the ability to resolve the complex issues and challenges it faces with fresh approaches, but also helping it maintain its stature of being a progressive industry that is vibrant with youthful vigour.

Through the ‘Young Oil & Gas Professional of the Year’ category of the Oil & Gas Middle East and Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East Awards 2017, a category that has been part of our Awards since its inception eight years ago, we wish to narrate incredible stories of young workers in the industry, whose performances and zeal are making a difference to the functioning of the industry.

“As a young person I feel it is important that I deliver as much energy as possible to the workplace and offer innovative ideas and new ways of thinking about the challenges we face,” Mohammed AlMedallah, who was named the ‘Young Oil and Gas Professional of the Year’ for 2016, said at the Awards last year.

The 30-year-old AlMedallah is an offshore specialist engineer and flow assurance unit supervisor at Saudi Aramco. “Saudi Aramco has equipped me with the right tools to continue my personal development so I can be ready to face what is put to me,” he said.

We are looking to forward to the chance to tell tales of such young achievers and hoping to receive such wonderful entries for this year’s Awards from more such dedicated and talented youngsters this year, for us to be able to shine upon these performers the spotlight that they deserve.

Details about the ‘Young Oil & Gas Professional of the Year’ category, along with the nomination procedure is contained in the Awards website: Come forward and nominate yourself and allow us a chance to endow upon you the recognition that you deserve.

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