ADIPEC 2017 show interview: Parker

Dan Burch of Parker Gas Turbine Filtration Division says transformation is helping the company grow regionally.

Dan Burch, global marketing manager, Parker Gas Turbine Filtration Division.
Dan Burch, global marketing manager, Parker Gas Turbine Filtration Division.

Parker Hannifin is strengthening its global presence and has announced the launch of its new factory in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, in partnership with Tamimi Energy, part of the Tamimi Group of Companies. The launch is expected to replicate Parker’s successful operations in North America.

Tamimi Energy provides a portfolio of industrial services for its customers, as well as products, equipment, and services to major companies in Saudi Arabia.

“We have partnered with the Al Tamimi industrial conglomerate in Saudi Arabia, and are aligning to Saudi Vision 2030 plans, and the localisation requirements,” Dan Burch, global marketing manager, Parker Gas Turbine Filtration Division, told O&GME at ADIPEC. “The partnership allows us to improve our response time to our customer, and also shows our commitment to the region, as we are manufacturing locally. The factory is meant to cater to Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC.”

The socio-economic transformation that is underway in the Gulf will positively impact Parker’s business in the region, Burch stated. “I think it is a good thing for us, irrespective of whether [the NOCs] remain just pure oil and gas companies or are branching out to embrace the full energy landscape. It doesn’t matter to us because we will serve them anyway. If they choose to expand their horizons to broaden their energy play, that gives us more opportunities. That gives us the scope to bring in our full portfolio and the products and services within it,” he said.

Speaking of the business portfolio of Parker, Burch elaborated: “We supply filters for anything that uses a gas turbine. Within the oil and gas space that could be pipelines transporting gas, or could be compressor stations. What our filters do is help keep those turbines online. Obviously, if a turbine goes down in an oil and gas operation, it’s a loss worth millions of dollars. So we approach customers with the reliability and effectiveness of our filters.”

Also at ADIPEC, Parker Hannifin announced the release of its clearcurrent PRO SP+ cartridge filter. Designed and manufactured specifically for gas turbines in the Middle East, the PRO SP+ filter offers competitive gas turbine protection through superior dust-holding capacity and pulse-ability.

The PRO SP+ filter uses FLEX Technology, consisting of flexible pleats that release dust and debris better than standard filters utilised in the region. The harsh conditions found in the Middle East require a filter that maintains its differential pressure (DP) for as long as possible, to keep the gas turbines operating normally. The pulse-ability of the PRO SP+ allows the filter to have lower DP across the life of the filter.

The PRO SP+ filter is qualified to stringent Saudi Aramco standards. It can handle both wet and dry particulates, and is particularly good at protecting the turbine from damage caused by salt. These characteristics help the PRO SP+ deliver a superior operating profile to comparable filters used in the region.


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