Abu Dhabi to host largest oil & gas event fully dedicated to R&D

RDPETRO, formerly known as ADRAC, is expanded in 2018 to attract global innovators from within and outside the oil and gas industry, technology companies, start-ups and academia.

Qasem Al Kayoumi, RDPETRO chairman, and head of ADNOC's Technical Center.
Qasem Al Kayoumi, RDPETRO chairman, and head of ADNOC's Technical Center.

Research and Development Petroleum Conference and Exhibition, RDPETRO, the largest oil and gas conference in the world fully dedicated to research and development, will be held in Abu Dhabi during 13-14 May 2018.

RDPETRO is where technology innovators, start-ups and academia can compete for and gain access to funding to develop their projects. The event fosters closer collaboration across industries and enables leading oil and gas companies to source and invest in innovative solutions and new technologies that unlock and optimise oil and gas resources, and create value.

For the first time, RDPETRO 2018 will see multimillion dollar development funding awards for the most innovative projects and new ideas submitted. Project awards will be funded by the strategic partners supporting the event, including major oil and gas corporations like the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Total, Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC), Japan Oil, Gas and Metal National Corporation (JOGMEC), Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC), and Petronas.

In addition to providing access to funding, RDPETRO, together with leading technical societies, will recognise the most innovative contributions to the future of the industry. The technical societies include some of the world’s most reputable industry bodies like the Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE), the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE), and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). Conference abstracts and project proposals can be submitted for evaluation through the RDPETRO website (www.rdpetro.org).

A primary focus of the event will be how, across the value chain, the oil and gas industry can unlock value and optimise performance through applications of new advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, the Internet of Things, Big Data and data visualisation.

RDPETRO chairman, and head of ADNOC’s Technical Center, Qasem Al Kayoumi, said: “RDPETRO connects leading national and international oil companies, and major service companies, with innovators and researchers from diverse high-tech sectors and universities, who are invited to showcase their innovations and source funding that helps develop solutions to the challenges of our energy hungry world.

“We are excited to host a fascinating and diverse programme which will make RDPETRO a truly powerful event for the global innovation community from the energy sector and beyond. We challenge all innovators to come, showcase, collaborate and win both recognition and funding.”

The RDPETRO event, previously known as ADRAC, has been expanded in 2018 to reach a fully global audience and has increased its scope to discover digital innovations and ideas from outside the sector that have value-add application to the oil and gas industry. The drive is for oil and gas to gain powerful new ways of tackling big global industry challenges, by adopting new technologies and processes from sectors such as aerospace, medical, IT and graphics.

The two-day event will feature an exclusive CTO Summit, four industry sessions, over 40 technical presentations, practical industry workshops, innovation exhibition, an awards ceremony and gala event.


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