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Meet the BOS Angler.


Bergen Oilfield Services has launched the latest geophysical toolbox in its fleet of seismic sentinels. Meet the BOS Angler

Bergen Oilfield Services (BOS) is a Norwegian offshore seismic survey company with a focus on subsea technology commercialisation. “We manage the whole value chain from vessel ownership, data acquisition through to processing,” explains Jan Søvik, founder, director, and executive vice president of business development at BOS.

“In January we relaunched the BOS Angler, the world’s first “geophysical toolbox” vessel,” says Søvik.

Following a successful upgrade the BOS Angler is equipped for multiple streamer surveys and prepared for OBS and other seabed operations. BOS Angler is a DP II Ice Class survey vessel and is already attracting interest for work in Arctic and other northern exploration latitudes.

“The launch comes at an uncertain time for the exploration industry, but we are as confident as anyone can be in a downturn.

The BOS Angler will operate mainly in the medium size 3D market targeting high definition high quality 3D survey requirements up to 1200  km2.

Throughout the North Sea, and beyond, the demand for this size of survey remains healthy. Although some clients may be deferring work till later, the need for new exploration data is as high as ever,” says Søvik.

Local touch

“We do expect to see opportunities from the Persian Gulf and Red Sea markets. In BOS we are now, in the first half of 2009, focusing on exactly these areas to raise awareness about our company and to profile our vessels and services including data processing.”

Since 2008 BOS has been busy meeting the industry throughout North Africa and the Middle East and will be present at two major events, Tunis 2009 and MEOS 2009 in Bahrain.

“Today, with a few exceptions, BOS will tender for work throughout the world, and in this region both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf remain relatively unexplored, so there’s plenty of future action expected and BOS hopes to be very much involved.”

Toolbox talk

The BOS Angler has been equipped to operate in different acquisition modes including towed streamer (2D and 3D) OBC (ocean bottom cables), EM (electromagnetic acquisition) and other new types of seabed acquisition. This is possible due to the multi functional design and equipment found onboard BOS Angler.

“We like to call BOS Angler a “geophysical toolbox” because in additional to the advanced seismic kit the vessel has dynamic positioning, ample remotely operated vehicle (ROV) handling areas, and USBL acoustics for deep sea positioning, to mention a few.

“The industry interest in OBC (Ocean Bottom Cable)  operations is ever present and BOS is ready to deliver, having assembled a team chock full of experience and already performed successful trials throughout 2008,” explains Søvik.

“BOS is ideally equipped to work throughout the changing world, we own the vessels, our onshore and offshore teams have the highest levels of industry experience.

Also, within a very busy and eventful year BOS has successfully launched the Arctic, the Atlantic (sister vessels) and the Angler.

“The three vessels are all now and now responding well to the global challenge. Inshallah.” concludes Søvik.

BOS Angler in profile

Key facts

Owner: Bergen Oilfield Services AS

Communication Systems

Safety: GMDSS A1,A2 AND A3
Satellite VSAT: Space Track 4000

Helideck Equipment & Certification

Rating: Superpuma AS 332 L2
Fire Fighting: SFFEC 350 l
Helicopter deck rating: 8000 kg

Energy Source

G-Gun Description: The G-Gun has become an industry standard high pressure air source, with 40% fewer parts than the simplest available air gun on the market, making it extremely reliable and with 50 micro second standard deviation pulse repeatability, this makes the G-Guns performance excellent in a compact body.

Onboard Seismic Processing Hardware

Manufacturer: Superpuma IBM
Server Type: Server Node IBM 3650 (32 CPU, Quad Core, 2.83GHz, 1333MHz)
Raid Storage Capacity: 20 Terabyte RAID-10
Node Type: 4 Node Two Quad Core (8 CPU per node) Intel Xeon Processors  3.0GHz with 16Gb memory per node
Networked to SEAL: Yes

Primary DGPS

C-NAV Description: The C-NAV RTG Network is a global system for the distribution of dynamic GPS Precise Point Positioning corrections, giving the user the ability to measure his position anywhere in the world with exceptional reliability and unprecedented accuracy of better than 10 cm (4 inches).

Corrections: Star-Fire Network delivered via Inmarsat satellite system

Seismic Streamer

SSAS Description: Sentinel is designed using the most advanced materials and cable design methodology, the Sentinel solid streamer is considered to be the most robust of the marine towed arrays available today. Its solid cable design offers improved noise performance over fluid-filled sections during periods of marginal weather conditions.

Features and Benefits:

• Robust construction.
• Improved noise performance during marginal sea.  
• States/weather conditions.
• Distributed waterproof electronic Environmentally friendly.
• Redundant data transmission & power supply systems.
Streamer Type: Sentinel Solid Acquisition Section (SSAS)

Onboard Seismic Processing Software

Paradigm Focus Description: Industry leading seismic data processing system for generating 2D and 3D images of the subsurface.

Its popularity is based on its breadth of geophysical applications, its unique combination of production and interactive seismic data processing, its maturity and stability, and its versatile programming environment for client-guided customization.

Safety Equipment

MOB Boat / Rescue: Springer 741
Life Raft: 6 Viking x 25 persons
Survival Suits: 670 x model

Secondary DGPS

Veripos Standard Description: Veripos Standard is a GNSS augmentation Service, designed for high-end GPS users who need reliable, accurate position with a high level of integrity. Based upon L1 carrier and CA Code observations.

Differential Correction Transmission: HP satellites: Inmarsat 25E,98W, 109E satellite
LP satellites: Inmarsat AORE, AORW, IOR, POR


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