Sonatrach launches licensing round for 25 blocks

Algerian energy giant looking for interested parties for exploration

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Algerian energy giant Sonatrach has launched its eighth licensing round for 25 blocks in 10 contract areas in the country.

The state-owned company is offering new blocks as well as trying to re-tender some of the blocks that did not find takers in late 2008 amid IOC concerns over draconian Algerian investment terms.

Samuel Ciszuk, energy analyst for  IHS Global Insight said he believes that Algeria is trying to speed up development in the country in order to bring sufficient feedstock onstream for its ambitious downstream and export ventures.

“Results from Algeria's seventh licensing round last year were not only disappointing to the government, energy ministry, Sonatrach and the country’s licensing body, but also a wake-up call, signalling that the limit above which IOCs would no longer find it attractive to invest had largely been exceeded,” Ciszuk said. 

“Algeria needs foreign investment and expertise in order to meet its ambitious development targets,” he added. 

Algeria's eighth licensing round
Basin: Gourara
Permit: Ahnet
Blocks: 337b, 338b, 339a2, 339b, 340b, 341b, 341a2
Area: 17,358 sq. km
Basin: Illizi
Permit: Oudome
Blocks: 223b, 245n
Area: 2,902 sq. km

Basin: Illizi
Permit: Gara Tesselit /Ouest Ohanet
Blocks: 245 Sud, 239b, 234c
Area: 6,665 sq. km
Basin: Illizi
Permit: Sud-Est Illizi
Blocks: 232, 241
Area: 5,641 sq. km

Basin: Amguid Messaoud
Permit: Touggourt
Blocks: 433a, 416b
Area: 6,034 sq. km

Basin: Berkine
Permit: Bir Romane
Blocks: 414s, 443b, 444n
Area: 4,641 sq. km

Basin: Berkine
Permit:  Hassi Bir Rekaiz
Blocks: 443a-424a-415ext-414ext
Area: 5,670 sq. km

Basin: Berkine
Permit: Timissit Ouest
Blocks: 208Est, 211
Area: 6,240 sq. km

Basin: Berkine
Permit: El Aricha El Tahtania
Blocks: 407
Area: 4,392 sq. km

Basin: Reggane
Permit: Reggane Djebel Hirane
Blocks: 328b, 362b, 352d
Area: 9,386 sq. km

Licensing round schedule
27 July 2009:  General presentation to pre-qualified companies of data and contract terms.

15 August–22 October:  Data room opens.

2 September–26 October: Clarification meetings relating to contractual and statutory dispositions, with possible contractual changes discussed.

9 November: Final contractual documents published.

20 December: Bidding deadline.

16 January 2010: Contract-signing ceremony.
Source: Sonatrach



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