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Many managers will be shirking the traditional summer exodus this year

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With summer well and truly upon the Gulf, many oil company employees will be looking forward to a well earned break abroad with the family. As temperatures soar, typically the business environment across the Arabian Peninsula cools. Many locals and expatriates alike schedule annual family vacations around the summer season, but this year isn’t quite like any other.

After a particularly shaky start to the year, it seems oil and gas support industries have had something of an unseasonable push, culminating in a flurry of major contract announcements in June and July. There have been notable winners, but most crucially it seems that the national oil companies around the Gulf have stuck to their word and ploughed ahead with several landmark projects.

Many managers may be wondering when and how this business boost will filter down to demand for their services and products, and whether this year it may be better to hang around and be on hand throughout the summer months. Indeed, I’m sure that many who do choose to take a holiday now will remain on call throughout their ‘break’ ready to hop on a jet at a moment’s notice if the right client calls.

There may be another reason why this August is the one to skip a holiday too. As the Holy Month of Ramadan begins in a couple of weeks, the opportunity to take advantage of the corporately hosted Iftar and Souhoor celebrations may offer a chance to meet and mix with industry contemporaries, and pick over what was a very tough six months at the start of this year.

Of course, such occasions aren’t the place to target potential clients with aggressive pitches, but the opportunity to meet and relax with fellow upstream professionals seems like one not to be missed in the current climate. If you’re new to the Gulf, these events are a must-attend, and offer a great experience and invaluable insight into local traditions and customs. If you’re an expat-veteran, perhaps it’s time to embrace these opportunities again.

Either way, I hope to see you all there.

Ramadan Kareem

Daniel Canty is the Editor of Oil & Gas MIddle East


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