Why is upstream oil & gas so challenging?

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We've had a question posted on our LinkedIn discussion group from John Mathew a consultant with Oil and Gas Logistics Solutions at IBS Software Services.

John asks: Why is upstream oil and gas so challenging even after technology advancements in the E&P space?

Thanks for your question John. Seeing as I'm a journalist and neither a scientist nor engineer I am not the best person to answer your question.

However I could maybe offer up a couple of discussion points that some of our more learned readers could extrapolate on.

1. The remote geographical location of many oil and gas fields.
2. The high sulphur content in many new oil and gas fields.
3. The lack of suitable personnel with the requisite skills.
4. Volatile oil prices making long-term E&D planning difficult.
5. Increased security concerns.

If you would like to join in the discussion please leave a comment.


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