GL Noble Denton selects Smart Marine 3D technology

Oil and gas engineering firm to deploy new marine design software

GL Noble Denton will standardise its marine design software across the SmartMarine 3D platform.
GL Noble Denton will standardise its marine design software across the SmartMarine 3D platform.

Global independent technical advisor to the oil and gas industry, GL Noble Denton announced that it will standardise on Intergraph SmartMarine Enterprise, including SmartMarine 3D, to replace its existing design solution for offshore and marine assets.

The company said in a statement that this move will enable the company to increase the functionality and usability of its engineering designs, as well as to improve the data consistency between the schematics and the outfitting within its projects.

“We benchmarked Intergraph SmartMarine Enterprise against several leading, global marine engineering design solutions, and we thought it was the most sustainable option for us,” said Tor Lønnerød, GL Noble Denton’s general manager for Noble Denton Brevik, Norway. In addition to SmartMarine 3D, GL Noble Denton purchased licenses of SmartPlant P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), Electrical, Review and Foundation Basic Integrator products.

SmartMarine 3D is an advanced offshore and shipbuilding design solution. SmartMarine 3D is engineering technology that is data-centric, knowledge- and rule-driven, streamlining marine asset design processes with increased detail and manufacturing design productivity of up to 30%.

Gerhard Sallinger, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine president, said: “A growing number of industry leaders are adopting Intergraph Smart 3D technology as its next-generation engineering platform because of the unique abilities it provides to increase safety, quality, and productivity. SmartMarine 3D continues to increase its market share in highly competitive segments. Intergraph is looking forward to working with GL Noble Denton and to gaining a competitive edge through strong collaboration.”


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