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Gain and share information on industrial-grade networking solutions

Get the latest updates on industrial automation solutions.
Get the latest updates on industrial automation solutions.

Today’s oil and gas industry faces challenges in areas such as daily operational efficiency, future integration flexibility, as well as process reliability, and safety.

Drilling for, transporting, storing, refining, and exporting oil and natural gas remain incredibly complicated undertakings.

These sophisticated operations require a great deal of industrial automation, and industrial Ethernet solutions can play an important role.

Moxa Solution Day - scheduled for July 4th at the Oryx Rotana hotel in Qatar - will feature topics related to the latest market trends and advances in reliable communications for oil and gas process automation.

During the seminars, participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences with developing integrated solutions for the oil and gas and petrochemical industry.

Moxa’s Solution Forum will address these issues by focusing on the following topics:

Reliable and Redundant Process Control Networks

Reliability is always a critical concern for process control networks. For example, a sudden breakdown in a DCS system could cause big problems for the production line. Keeping this kind of large and sophisticated system running smoothly and without interruption is a big challenge for system designers.

Intelligent Remote Control and Monitoring Solutions for Harsh Environments

Harsh environmental conditions have the potential to disrupt critical operations in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Extreme temperatures, explosive conditions, vibration, rain, and dust are some of the challenges that must be overcome by system designers when establishing a reliable communication architecture. In addition, long distances between devices and control hosts often complicate the effort.

Developing Integrated IP-networked Security and Surveillance Systems

Surveillance monitoring requires the simultaneous transmission of video, voice, and data over a single network. Efficient use of bandwidth is particularly important if surveillance systems are to achieve real-time monitoring. However, the challenge is even greater if the system involves a large number of I/O applications.


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