Libya shuts down Sharara field after COVID-related death
The company blamed the infection on the continuous presence of foreign mercenaries .....
Libya’s oil blockade is expected to persist further, shrinking upcoming global production glut by 65%
The oil blockade is entering its seventh month, with oil output hovering .....
Libya NOC lifts force majeure on oil exports but technical problems will keep production low
Libya NOC chairman meets with ENI CEO Claudio Descalzi
The focus of the meeting was the follow-up of Eni’s continuous support .....
Libya declares force majeure on Sharara oil field once again
The national oil company had resumed productiton only three days prior
Libyan production has dropped to 123,000 bpd: NOC
Production has plummeted from 1.2mbpd just before the blockade, which began on .....
Libya NOC shuts down main refinery and Sharara field following valve closure
Production at Sharara field has been shut down, the latest occurrence in .....
Japanese consortium completes study to develop Libya's Sirte Basin concession 47
They plan to increase production from 10,000bpd to 80,000bpd
ENI and Libya NOC's joint venture is losing $9.4mn per day
As Libya's output grinds to a halt, revenue is being severely impacted
Libya’s oil chief issues fresh warning about the impact of blockades
He called on the global community to take action, and warned of .....


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