Oil port protests rock Libyan economy
Spending freeze will effect Libya's ageing oil infrastructure
Libyan efforts to reopen ports stalled
70,000 bpd port remains closed following months of inactivity
Libya loads first crude since port occupation
Port of Hariga is the first of the occupied ports to reopen
Libya regains two of its occupied eastern ports
Ports of Zuetina and Hariga are back in government hands
Libya’s Zuetina port could be the first to reopen
Zuetina is the smallest of the ports currently occupied by protesters
Libya poised to retake control of its oil ports
Protest leaders say they may consider yielding their position
Seized tanker back in Libyan port
Ships crew detained, sources say they were forced to load oil
Libya fights for its vital Eastern ports
Clashes between rebels and government forces as deadline approaches.
Tanker captain forced to load oil from Libyan port
Armed rebels boarded the tanker off the Libyan coast.
GE and Sonelgaz sign $400m gas turbine contract
New facility will produce 8 turbines per year


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