Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco releases 2019 financial results
Saudi Aramco released its full year financial results for 2019, reporting $88.2 .....
Kuwait and Iraq lower their oil prices
The countries following Saudi Arabia's lead, cutting prices for April crude sales
Energy ministry instructs Aramco to increase capacity to 13mbpd in April
Saudi Arabia has switched courses after Russia refused to agree to further .....
Saudi Aramco to produce 12.3 million barrels per day in April
After Russia refused deeper output cuts, Saudi Arabia responded by cutting its .....
Saudi Arabia’s decision will see oil markets take a bath – and other producers could jump in
A sustained price war could see marginal projects delayed and hasten a .....
Saudi Arabia sets the stage for a high stake market share battle: Refinitiv
A Refinitiv Oil Research report reveals scenario analysis of key Middle Eastern .....
Neutral Zone exports to restart in April
Production has already started at the Khafji field
Saudi to grow production, slashes its crude prices
This comes as demand has been slashed due to the coronavirus outbreak
Oil prices plummet as OPEC+ deal falls apart
Oil prices plummeted to $45 per barrel of Brent crude
“Oil demand will recover after coronavirus” – Aramco
Saudi Aramco trading CEO says markets will recover in Q2 2020


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