Saudi Arabia

Field Focus: Saudi Aramco's Karan Field
Saudi Aramco's first offshore nonassociated gas field development
Biggest oil fields have peaked: Prices must rise
Supply not keeping pace with demand - Chinese energy needs keep rising
Oil & Gas Job Search nets ADCO recruitment deal
Promising outlook for oil and gas jobs in Middle East industry upturn
Emerson launches pump health monitoring system
Integrated pump health monitoring could slash unplanned downtime
Oil market watch: prices driven by risk premium
Jadwa Investments disagrees with OPEC and IEA on cause of high prices
Wartsila nets ultra-efficient PSV contract
New PSV will be the most fuel-efficient supply vessels ever launched
Tech Focus: Power generation for oilfield rigs
Omron Oilfield & Marine provides power solutions for Mid East oil rigs
Tech Focus: Getting more from your control system
Instrumentation and control trends explored in Mid East oil business
New Arrival: Voith Turbo opens TechnoPark facility
Engineering firm sets up local base for rapid regional response
Exclusive Interview: Al Mansoori's Nabil Al Alawi
Abu Dhabi oilfield service giant is hoping to ride oil's uptick


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