United Arab Emirates

Union of gas producers unlikely
Russia, Iran and Qatar announce plans for an OPEC-style trilateral gas agreement.
Sour hour
The time has come for the world's biggest sour gas project to stand up and be counted.
Lifting and shifting
Hoisting valuable goods into place requires precision, balance, and unbridled confidence in the technology at hand, writes Matthew Scotland.
$53 billion question
Oilfield spend in the MENA region is forecast to reach bold new heights in the quest to boost production.
A gas cartel isn't really in Russia's best interests.
A new dawn for nuclear
Concerns over climate change, supply security and carbon emissions are boosting the case for nuclear.
Ahead of the curve
Gulf Energy Maritime CEO, Ahmed Al Falahi, reveals how perfect timing and tight management have propelled a new launch shipping .....
Riding out the storm
Survival of the fittest scenario is good for the regional sector.
A commercial case for wave and tidal power
The ongoing push for renewable energies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions has focused the world's attention on the untapped potential .....
Carbon conundrum
Minimising the environmental impact of fossil fuels and enhancing oil recovery are front running issues for oil companies world wide.


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