PDO's new Gas Network Operations Centre to monitor gas production in real time

The facility monitors and coordinates gas production from eight plants in real time

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Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) opened its Gas Network Operations Centre, a facility in Saih Rawl which monitors and co-ordinates gas production from PDO’s eight plants in real time.

The complex centralises gas operations for PDO and offers a view of its full gas network. It also monitors all of its gas directorate facilities. The centre opening is part of PDO’s celebration of 40 years of uninterrupted gas production. 

PDO Managing Director Raoul Restucci noted that the new facility would “increas[e] plant availability and minimis[e] disruptions to the gas network.

“We have seen an expansion in our gas network, processing plants and wells and this centre will enable us to improve the co-ordination of our operations and optimisation of our gas production. GNOC brings about a network-wide focus on the management of gas supply and demand and is a strategically important resource for the nation.”

PDO worked with global technology provider Honeywell to deliver the complex. This kind of technology, which provides real-time data, can often help workers make faster decisions, identify problems and forecast demand and production.

“GNOC provides PDO with the tools and environment which are needed to face up to the increasing operational challenges 24 hours a day," PDO Gas Director Salim Al Sikaiti said. “We have brought people, processes and technology together under one roof and this integrated approach allows us to make the best use of all available resources.

“The centre enables our teams to make better, faster, smarter decisions by leveraging the close physical proximity of all gas console operators and on-site network coordinators to identify and resolve issues much more quickly.

“At the same time, it will enhance the management of short-term forecasting from the field and drive gas and condensate production.”

PDO’s gas production began on 29 October 1978 when Sultan Qaboos bin Said officially opened the nation’s first natural gas processing plant at Yibal.


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