Oil sector collapse would lead to humanitarian crisis: Libya NOC chairman

Mustafa Sanalla spoke out about recent attacks on Libyan oil infrastructure

Mustafa Sanalla, chairman of Libya NOC, has made repeateded calls for a ceasefire
Libya NOC
Mustafa Sanalla, chairman of Libya NOC, has made repeateded calls for a ceasefire

Oil sector unity and adherence to international law are key to the preservation of the Libyan state, according to Mustafa Sanalla, chairman of Libya NOC. 

“The collapse of the oil sector would undoubtedly lead to a humanitarian crisis,” he said, speaking at the Oslo Forum in Norway. “The corporation is being attacked, both physically and online. Oil sector workers are being put in harm's way by people who [are] using our facilities for military purposes. This is unacceptable.”

He noted that the company's success in growing its production and revenue hinged on remaining non-partisan. “The country is experiencing dangerous levels of disinformation," he said. "These campaigns, many directed at NOC and me personally, are paid for by foreign powers determined to divide and undermine us. The architects of these campaigns must be held to account.”

He added that international law, and UN Security Council resolutions should be upheld. “Successful attempts to sell crude oil would undoubtedly be used to further fuel the war - potentially dividing the country forever." he said. "NOC must be allowed to keep oil flowing to pay for basic services and build a future economy for our young people. I am fearful for our collective future if the integrity of the oil sector is not maintained.”

Chairman Sanalla also highlighted the significance of transparency of national oil revenues and their distribution. “A key element of the conflict is the perception of fairness and equitable distribution of funds across the country. We support the adoption of transparency standards across government and especially with respect to revenue distribution. This will help eradicate corruption, and allow Libyans to see where every dinar of their money is being spent.”


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