Libya NOC has sole right to export nation's oil: Khalifa Haftar

Libya NOC followed the comments with a statement called for the "disbandment of a parallel institution" that attempted to sell Libyan oil

Libya noc, Khalifa Haftar

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, a top military leader in Libya, told Bloomberg News that Libya NOC has the exclusive right to export the nation's oil.

In a statement posted on Libya NOC's website, it called for "the disbandment of a parallel institution that has attempted to illicitly market discounted Libyan oil, putting to end attempts to partition the national energy sector."

The statement also noted that the 'parallel institution' failed to export oil as the international community upheld UN Security Council resolutions.

“Libya's oil belongs to all Libyans, and the unity of NOC is essential for the unity of the country," said Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, NOC's chairman. “NOC is the exclusive steward of the country's oil sector. Only cooperation can ensure the uninterrupted flow of oil and provision of state services to all Libyans. Stability in the Libyan oil sector will certainly contribute to oil market stability. NOC reiterates its opposition to militarisation of oil facilities.”

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