Ampelmann steps up North Sea activity with six new contracts

Deals include the firm’s longest standing contract in the region.

An Ampelmann gangway in the North Sea, off the coast of Aberdeen.
An Ampelmann gangway in the North Sea, off the coast of Aberdeen.

Ampelmann, a specialist in offshore access solutions, has strengthened its position in the North Sea this year after being awarded four new contracts and two extended scopes of work in the basin.

The projects will see six E-type gangway systems deployed for planned shutdown campaigns and ongoing fabric maintenance support by different major operators across the United Kingdom Continental Shelf.

Utilising motion compensation technology, Ampelmann’s E-type is the largest system in the company’s portfolio and is ideally suited for the harsh environment of the North Sea, able to compensate high sea states up to 4.5m Hs (wave heights).

The gangway, which can transfer a full shift of up to 40 people in 15-20 minutes, enables offshore workers safe and easy access to a variety of assets, including floating production offloading storage units and fixed structures of all sizes to carry out essential repair and maintenance activity.

One of the contracts includes a three-year extension to support maintenance operations in the Southern North Sea and will be operational all year round. This is Ampelmann’s longest standing contract in the North Sea. Another award for a short shutdown campaign to allow production-enhancing work to take place has now been completed.

Since the Netherlands-headquartered company was founded a decade ago, it has helped close to 300,000 offshore workers commute safely to and from vessels and assets and has transported more than 80,000 kilogrammes of equipment and cargo in the North Sea.

Lorenz Nehring, Ampelmann’s operations (UK) business development manager, commented: “We are encouraged to see an increasing number of our E-type gangway systems deployed in the North Sea in addition to the two already mobilised. Our Walk to Work systems offer a safe, cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional transfer methods providing operators significant commercial benefits for planning campaigns.”
All six projects will be supported from Ampelmann’s base in Aberdeen.


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