New solutions for pipeline coatings in the Middle East

NACE International’s Pipeline Coating Technology Conference comes to Dubai

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The Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions in the world for industrial growth. With new infrastructure to meet the demands of this growth comes the need to ensure that this infrastructure lasts. To address these unique challenges, NACE International, the Corrosion Society, is hosting its 2019 Pipeline Coating Technology Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Building on the success of the NACE International 2017 Pipeline Coating Technology Conference in the United States, NACE brings this event to the Middle East, where oil and gas professionals will address coatings challenges specific to the region. This conference provides a unique platform for pipeline coating professionals in the Middle East and Africa region to exchange technical information and new coating products and services.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to discover the latest coating products and technologies, make new industry connections, and learn from industry leaders on best practices for use of coatings on pipelines. Presentations include a welcome message by NACE President Jeff Didas. Other sessions include:

• Critical Issues with High Temperature Pipeline Coatings
• Comparing Coating Performance in Seawater
• Coating Technical Question & Answer Session

Corrosion and coating professionals from around the world are invited to this conference to increase their understanding of pipeline corrosion prevention and control, build connections with industry peers, and discover the latest tools and innovations in corrosion mitigation. Technical presentations, meetings, and an exhibit hall/ product showcase will introduce new technologies and best practices in topics such as onshore pipeline coatings, field joint coatings, pipeline internal coatings, high temperature and LAT FBE pipeline coatings, and pipeline coating repair solutions.

NACE International, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority, serves nearly 36,000 members in more than 130 countries and is recognized globally as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions. The organization offers technical training and certification programs, conferences, industry standards, reports, publications, technical journals, government relations activities and more.
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