Wavefront uses new well stimulation tool in Saudi Arabia

The Powerwave Odyssey tool was used alongside traditional acid stimulation, and will also be used in Iraq

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Wavefront Technology Solutions used its Powerwave Odyssey tool in Saudi Arabia along with a traditional acid stimulation. The application is related to extended reach wells and the function of the Odyssey as a coiled tubing agitator as well as a stimulation tool.

Extended reach wells are wells where the horizontal leg of the well extends for distances that are generally two times longer than the vertical depth. In many instances frictional issues prevent the coiled tubing from reaching the total measured depth of the well without the aid of significant friction reduction. Friction reduction is often accomplished by some form of agitation where axial oscillations of the coiled tubing reduces downhole friction allowing the coiled tubing to be run deeper into the well.

In its initial application the Powerwave Odyssey was able to successfully reduce the coiled tubing friction factor from 0.4 to 0.15 thus allowing the coiled tubing to reach the wells total measured depth of 13,500 ft. The result is comparable to competitive agitators however the main competitive benefit of the Odyssey as an agitator is that it allows for multiple runs into the horizontal section whereas the leading agitators allow for only one run. 

Wavefront is also entering the market of multi-lateral wells with the incorporation of a specialty multi-lateral tool system into the Odyssey protocol. Multi-lateral wells are becoming more prevalent in the Middle East as they increase reservoir drainage area and minimize the surface footprint. Until now Powerwave has been limited to the main bore however with the incorporation of the multi-lateral tool system all laterals will could be stimulated. 

The company received a new order to evaluate the utility of Wavefront drilling tools to optimize drilling operations in Iraq. Under the terms of the purchase order financial details cannot be released. Wavefront is working with its local distributor to secure initial Powerwave field applications and have targeted the Q3 2019 for implementation.


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