Restrata launches digital platform for real-time asset and worker tracking

This is part of the company's wider pivot towards digital technology and digital safety rather than focusing solely on traditional security

Restrata launched the platform at EIC Connect in Abu Dhabi
Restrata launched the platform at EIC Connect in Abu Dhabi

Restrata Group has launched a digital platform which tracks assets and workers in real-time, using an enterprise's existing sensors and trackers. The software, called "Restrata Platform," is "focused on minimising the time from any incident to response, and maximising the information available to decide," according to the company's website.

"We have worked for the last two years, two and a half years, on this platform," said Restrata Managing Director Botan Osman on the sidelines of EIC Connect in Abu Dhabi. In a demonstration, he showed some of the platform's features, which include a detailed log of all people being tracked onsite, emergency evacuation features and travel management, among others.

"The platform is about bringing together all the data from across your enterprise," he added. "Whether that's one site or hundreds of sites, it's a visualisation that you get across all of those sites, all of those people."

He emphasised that the platform works with existing sensors and trackers, and simply ties together all of the information gathered on a daily basis from these assets. "We don't build hardware and we don't supply hardware," Osman said. "We wanted to use the maximum potential of our clients' existing investments."

He noted that the project would continue to grow based on feedback from the market, noting that multiple pilot projects are underway in the Far East, the Caribbean, in the North Sea region and two in the Middle East. There are also two firms using the technology in production.

The software is priced by subscription, based on company size and the number of workers to be tracked.


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