Eni deploys advanced dynamic reservoir simulation

ECHELON software was developed to improve early understanding of field behavior and to manage uncertainty

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Eni announced the industrial deployment of ECHELON, an advanced dynamic reservoir simulator, for optimisation of field monitoring, development and production. ECHELON software allows users to run thousands of parallel reservoir simulations in a record timeframe, further accelerating projects time-to-market.

This technology was developed to support Eni in managing uncertainty while improving early understanding of field behavior for more effective business decisions and, together with the recent upgrade of its supercomputing infrastructure thanks to the deployment of HPC5, which will bring the company’s overall computational capacity to a peak of 70 Petaflops in the first quarter of 2020, it confirms the progression of the company’s digitalisation process.

As part of its digital transformation agenda, in 2018 Eni has signed a strategic agreement with Stone Ridge Technology (SRT) aimed at jointly pursuing the development and industrialisation of ECHELON, the first dynamic reservoir simulator designed and developed to fully harness the power of modern high-performance General-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GP-GPUs). ECHELON, while able to efficiently employ the computational power provided by GP-GPUs, it features a 5-fold reduction in processing times compared to other commercial reservoir simulators, while delivering the same level of accuracy.

ECHELON deployment at Eni will continue throughout 2020 on the company’s core assets aiming to maximise their value, furthermore Eni and SRT are planning the advanced industrial release for compositional simulator in the second quarter of 2020.


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