ADNOC partners with Honeywell on predictive maintenance platform

ADNOC is taking the next step with its Panorama Command Centre, using the data it aggregates from 14 operating companies to enable predictive maintenance

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ADNOC has partnered with Honeywell to utilise its asset monitoring and predictive analytics platfom to maximise asset efficiency and integrity across ADNOC’s upstream and downstream operations.

With artifical intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning and digital twins, the platform is expected to help predict equipment stoppages, reduce unplanned equipment maintenance and downtime, increase reliability and safety, and enable cost savings for ADNOC.

ADNOC’s predictive maintenance project is part of the company’s flagship Centralised Predictive Analytics and Diagnostics (CPAD) program. CPAD, which underpins ADNOC’s 2030 smart growth strategy and Oil & Gas 4.0 initiatives, aims at transforming the company’s operations to maximise value from every barrel of oil, while delivering the greatest possible returns to the UAE.

“ADNOC’s predictive maintenance project is significant in scale and in its application of AI technology, and marks an important technological milestone for the industry," said ADNOC CEO Dr. Sultan Al Jaber. "Honeywell was selected as our valued technology partner to provide these state-of-the-art solutions after a highly competitive and rigorous process.”

ADNOC will deploy Honeywell Forge Asset Monitor and Predictive Analytics solutions at its Panorama Digital Command Centre in its headquarters. The Panorama Digital Command Centre currently aggregates real-time information across all business units and uses smart analytical models, AI and big data to generate operational insights and recommend new pathways. The addition of Honeywell’s solutions will enable the central monitoring of up to 2,500 critical rotating equipment across all ADNOC Group companies.

With continuous online monitoring of equipment, aided by machine learning analytics and digital twin models, operators and maintenance personnel at ADNOC will be able to identify impending machinery issues earlier, and shift from reactive and preventative maintenance practices to a predictive maintenance approach.

Sophisticated insights into equipment health will also allow ADNOC to evaluate equipment overhaul extension programs, and increase the availability of equipment and maximise production. Built on a scalable enterprise platform, the Honeywell solutions will accelerate time to value by providing ADNOC engineers with a host of embedded data science and simulation tools.

The predictive maintenance project is one of many digital transformation initiatives by ADNOC to embed cutting-edge technology across its entire value chain and deliver on its Oil & Gas 4.0 mission to stay ahead of the world’s growing demand for energy. Other digital initiatives include its Panorama Digital Command Centre; smart data analytics Thamama Subsurface Collaboration Centre; and the use of AI-assisted value chain modeling, rock image pattern recognition technologies, and blockchain-based hydrocarbon accounting, to name a few.


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