Oil and gas outsourcing services for asset health and performance monitoring

Third-party services can address the scope of different OEM assets in a single contract

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Public sector industries such as hotels, banking, residential facilities etc. have been leveraging third party services (i.e. maintenance, logistics, catering etc.) for decades. The obvious reason to outsource some of this work is to reduce costs by utilizing a 3rd party expert to execute a service when needed by the customer. In Middle East & Africa O&G companies started the outsourcing of assets health & performance monitoring decades ago. However, companies have equipment from several OEMs (for pumps, turbines, motors, valves, etc., which makes it difficult to manage these assets in a cost-effective manner. This opens the doors for third-party service companies to address the scope of different OEM’s assets in single contract.

In the past, services like this were difficult to execute.  Challenges like data infrastructure, data consolidation and available experts were barriers to effectively monitor various assets.  Even if companies or 3rd party service providers were able to acquire data, they had to spend too much time preparing that data to analyze.

Today, in the era of digital transformation, O&G companies are looking to leverage expert knowledge in real time to lower monitoring costs, improve safety and optimize asset performance and availability.

Emerson, a global industrial automation provider, is addressing the need of the O&G industry by leveraging the power of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) to deliver the Plantweb Digital Ecosystem.  Plantweb leverages data generated by existing or new sensors in a company’s facility and offers analytics tools and secure connectivity to enable scalable monitoring services.

Health Monitoring
Monitoring asset health for sudden changes or alerts.  Examples include DeltaV systems, and steam traps

Condition Monitoring
Monitoring for failure conditions on complex assets such as machines, valves and flowmeters.

Performance Monitoring
Ensuring that an asset is operating or performing as expected.  Examples include flowmeters and analyzers.

Product as a Service
Providing a full turn-key monitoring solution.  Emerson owns and maintains the monitoring equipment and communication network.

Engineered Connected Services
Custom Connected Service offerings built specifically for our customer’s needs.

Emerson has worked with a global energy company for implementing a cloud-enabled monitoring solution for the heat exchangers. The Connected Services solution deployed by the energy company partnering with Emerson was designed to start small, focusing on harvesting and analyzing heat exchanger data at one refinery – and even at this scale, the enhanced monitoring solution measurably improved the plant’s operational efficiencies.

The data and recommendations provided by Emerson experts, noted a company representative, helped shift the plant’s maintenance strategy from a reactive to a proactive approach where the appropriate plant personnel are now alerted to issues before they impact operations and are equipped with the information they need to take action. Equally important, refinery personnel are now freed from time-consuming monitoring tasks and can more effectively focus on higher-value functions that benefit overall operations.


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