oil price

Bank of America Merrill Lynch releases 2019 Energy Outlook
It forecasts Brent crude to average $70 per barrel and an output cut from OPEC+
Spotlight on oil prices, supply & demand and industry trends
In the first episode of Spotlight, Oil & Gas Middle East Editor Carla Sertin talks to Mashreq's head of energy, .....
IMF: Gulf economies will grow in 2019 but face volatile oil prices
The International Monetary Fund said GCC countries' economies would grow by 3% in 2019
OPEC considering production cuts in 2019
OPEC will meet on Sunday to discuss a course of action for the coming year
US sanctions against Iran take effect, eight waivers granted
But their effect might be less than previously feared
US will temporarily grant eight countries waivers to continue importing Iranian oil
This comes as the US treads the line between sanctions on Iran and potential oil supply disruptions

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